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Creating Multi Vendor Marketplaces

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Creating Multi Vendor Marketplaces
learn what is a multi-vendor marketplace

Multi-vendor marketplaces are not only a way to sell goods, but also an excellent source of income. Such giants like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Esty are multi-vendor marketplaces. Each has its own features and target markets, but they have one common feature - businesses are selling to consumers or other businesses

Multi-vendor marketplaces allow businesses to sell their product or services even without building a website. The presence in such a marketplace is the sales channel for them. Moreover, for many businesses, it's the only sales channel, especially when it is a global seller. 

In the B2B world the situation is similar, mentioned above Alibaba and Amazon are among the market leaders in the B2B segment. Yet, it's possible to enter this competition with the niche market. To learn more about how to build a multi vendor marketplace check the recent article on Oro Inc. 

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